Nio & Mia


Baby and toddler clothing leads to so many cute opportunities for  the name. The owners wanted to have something personal incorporated in their brand. And what is more personal than your own baby boy’s name? Karolina’s son was named Nio, we combined this boy name with a similar girl’s name Mia and tadaaa: Nio & Mia was born.


The logo had to create the first impression that it has something to do with handmade clothing. We have tried several options which included sewing gear, and ended up on this minimalistic border which surrounds the name of the brand. The other larger version also includes the brand’s headline ‘handmade by grandma’.

Unfortunately, the owners of Nio & Mia decided to quit, and the website is currently offline. 🙁


Nio & Mia needed a webshop, in order to sell their custom-made baby onesies. We built it for them, which included a module where the customer would choose the fabric, size and type of the onesie.


Nio & Mia often went to local markets to show their brand and sell some of their products. We have designed flyers and other promotional materials that they could hand out to interested mommys and daddys who came by their stand.