We have designed various promotional materials for Happy Yoga Time: flyers, event posters, and seasonal promo materials (e.g. for the Easter campaign).


When we first started working with Happy Yoga Time, they have already set up a basic website, which included a booking system. Together with the founder, we have optimized the style and content of this website.

We have coordinated the style to be more consistend with the overall brand and other channels (social media, promo materials, newsletters).

As for the content, we kept it up-to-date forĀ  the visitors, and included elements, such as subscription forms to make it easier for the members to get in touch. We also improved the SEO, which led to higher ranking on Google and many more interested members.


We have set up a monthly e-mail marketing campaign in the form of newsletters which contained information on news, upcoming events and product promotions.


Setting up social media channels and devising an effective strategy has helped Happy Yoga Time to stay in touch with the members and create more visibility amongst Amsterdam’s yoga lovers.