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Data Crossroads


Creating a brand always starts with finding the perfect name. Irina wanted to base her business on the idea that ‘All roads lead to data management’, as she has seen from her vast experience in business development. We have considered a few options, and ended up on ‘Data Crossroads’, as it was the perfect way to symbolize this idea, and also help unite professionals from various areas of expertise (Finance, Sales, IT, etc.). Crossroads would also provide beautiful visual opportunities.

Logo Data Crossroads


The element of ‘crossroads’ was the starting point for the logo design. The aim was to create a clean, timeless logo which would communicate the brand in a business-like manner. Always remember: ‘Less is more’.

data crossroads


When we first started working with Happy Yoga Time, they have already set up a basic website, which included a booking system. Together with the founder, we have optimized the style and content of this website.

We have coordinated the style to be more consistend with the overall brand and other channels (social media, promo materials, newsletters).

As for the content, we kept it up-to-date for  the visitors, and included elements, such as subscription forms to make it easier for the members to get in touch. We also improved the SEO, which led to higher ranking on Google and many more interested members.



data management book


Data management is not a subject that any person on the street would be interested in. We had to clearly define the audience we had to target and especially how we would reach these people. When it comes to such specific subjects, it is important to not only amuse, but also show some quality and knowledge.

Fortunately, Irina was full of ideas and theories, and had grown an impressive network of professionals. We decided to put that to our advantage. The hard part was to compress all the knowledge into a form that was accessible, even for the ones who have been in the field for years.

As a result, Irina wrote several books, which we edited and promoted online. These books helped her structure her ideas and gave a platform for her other services. Some of them are available for free, have a look here!